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Spring Hair Products

Spring Hair Products

Unlike the cold, dry winter days that zap moisture from your hair, spring brings heat and humidity that can play havoc with your curls. But there's no reason to fear the rain and extra moisture. Put away those heavy creams and butters, try a lighter gel, and use these spring hair care tips and products to keep your curls defined and frizz free all season long.



This spring, battle the humidity brought on by rain and shine with these anti-humidity products. All of the products below are anti-humectants, meaning they repel moisture and keep water away from your hair. They are perfect for the spring months because they keep humidity from frizzing your curls. Anti-humectants coat the curls and act as a barrier between water and your hair strands. The process can start in the shower, so use a good deep conditioner like MopTop to keep frizz away.


Your Tresses

Humidity causes our hair to absorb more moisture, swelling our strands and resulting in tangles and knots. Hair strands that are swollen are very delicate and more prone to breakage, knots and frizz. Be sure to detangle your hair this spring with a moisturizing detangler that has plenty of slip. All of these detanglers are made with moisturizing ingredients that help smooth your comb or your fingers through your hair. Using a detangler that also moisturizes your hair will also help to keep frizz at bay during the spring months.


Switch to
Lighter Gels and
Edge Tamers

Now that winter is over, it's time to put away those heavy creams and stylers and switch over to a lighter gel. Gels are perfect for spring time because they coat the hair and protect it from the extra moisture in the air. Tonya McKay of NaturallyCurly writes: "Styling gels seem to perform better in this type of weather than mousse. The polymer styling agents in gels form a nice protective film around the hair, which helps maintain the style throughout the day." Try any one of these top styling gels and keep spring precipitation out of your hair.


Your Curls

To maintain the proper balance of moisture, you'll need to refresh your curls regularly, but cleansing every day can strip your hair of natural oils. The key is using curl refreshing products to add a just the right amount of moisture to revive the shape of your curl. These products will help you achieve bouncy second and third day curls.