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Winter Hair Products


Winter Hair Products and Tips

Avoid Humectants

Humectants can be a girl's best friend, but in the winter time we recommend staying away. They pull moisture away from your hair and put it into the air. Because the winter time can be so dry, you will need to retain all the moisture you can!

Finger Detangle 

Curls are fragile, but even more prone to breakage in the winter time when they become dry and brittle. Be sure to treat your curls delicately and ditch the comb for a while. Use your fingers instead! A super slippery conditioner will help your fingers glide through and melt away knots.

Pre-Poo for 15 Minutes 

This little curl secret is especially important in the wintertime. Coating your strands with one of these oils and moisturizers will help reduce the amount of swelling in the cuticle. Just smooth it over your curls and let it sit 15 minutes before you cleanse. You'll notice how soft your hair is!

Co-Wash Mid Week 

If you're the type to shampoo frequently, you might want to change that shampoo to a co-wash in the winter. Co-washing will help condition your curls while you cleanse, preventing your hair from drying out mid week.  


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